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Thank you for giving Reface Industries the opportunity to present you with our service and products.

Over the last few months, Reface Industries has been overwhelmed with enquiries from Public Libraries. This information pack provides a brief overview of some of the concerns voiced by your fellow Librarians. For more information, please contact Jamma Anderson on (08) 9472 8888 or alternatively email us at [email protected].

Archivists and librarians place great emphasis on preserving content on digital media (CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray) for the long term while ensuring its everyday usability. One of the major challenges is to ensure the continuing availability of the digital content in their collections. Another challenge is to keep the medium of storage in a condition as near as possible as the original until the content is no longer needed.

The following information has been separated into the key areas of our service. These areas include CD, DVD and Blu-Ray:



The Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) is composed of a plastic substrate which is much softer than the traditional CD. As a result, the DVD is more susceptible to the damage that results from everyday handling.

Paper sleeves are intended to store discs for a short period of time. Many retail stores choose to store their discs in these paper sleeves as the discs are only removed once from the sleeve – at the point of sale.

In the rental industry, discs are repeatedly removed and returned from their medium of storage. Over a period of time, this may be as little as 2-3 rentals, contact with the paper sleeve results in playside scuffs and light scratches. These scuffs and scratches reduce the playability of the disc and therefore the longevity of the disc.

Plastic cases have been developed to overcome the problems associated with paper sleeves however; there are many cases on the market each with their own pros and cons. One of the major problems of DVD cases is the method in which the DVDs are removed from the covers. A majority of cases work on the ‘push button’ method or ‘m-lock’ method.

These cases rely on the borrower’s knowledge that the centre of the disc hub must be depressed to release the disc.

In reality, not many individuals know how to remove discs correctly. As a result, discs are often removed without the user depressing the centre hub. This places strain on the centre hub ring resulting in centre hub cracking. Cases are available that reduce centre-hub cracking damage.

Reface Solution

An alternative method of storage can be used by Libraries to avoid scratches to DVDs and to increase the longevity of the disc.

Experience has shown that plastic polycases are a good option for DVD storage. These cases are designed to protect the investment in the DVD by ensuring the play side of the disc does not come in contact with the surface of the case. This greatly reduces the chances of play side damage occurring during storage and during removal and insertion of the DVD.

There are many polycases available however, only a few are recommended by Reface Industries. Samples of these cases can be supplied for your approval.

Handling & Transportation
Depending on your method of storage, the way in which DVDs are handled by your staff can pose several problems.

1. DVDs may be double handled
2. DVDs are more susceptible to damage from increased handling
3. Double handling reduces efficiencies in customer service

If discs are stored in one medium and then transported in another, much unneeded double handling of the DVD of the DVD is occurring. Staff, after given the original DVD cover, must find the DVD required, remove it from its storage sleeve and then place it in the DVD case. On return, this DVD is then removed from the case and placed back in the storage sleeve.
Double handling not only increases the possibility of play side scratches and damage occurring, it also increases the time in which it takes to serve a customer.

Reface Solution

To reduce the double handling of the disc, DVDs should ideally be stored in the medium in which it will be loaned.

As previously mentioned, plastic polycases are a good method for storage. They are strong, durable and offer good protection to the disc during transport.


So which poly case should you purchase?

There are many different sized polycases available. Your decision will be based on:

  • Your method of storage
  • The amount of available space for storage
  • Your method of transport
  • The durability of the case
  • The ease in which the disc can be removed from the case

Reface has a selection of recommended plastic polycases suitable for different needs.
These cases can:

  • Reduce the damage to your DVDs/CDs
  • Reduce the double handling of your DVDs
  • Offer a safe method of transporting your DVDs
  • Reduce the time in which customers are served

In addition to these benefits, DVD polycases can prevent damage to the original printed sleeves which accompany the DVD.

Original DVD covers can be displayed on the shelf. The borrower brings this original cover to the counter and the librarian gives the customer the DVD in the poly case. The loaned DVD can have a slip placed in the DVD sleeve to notify borrowers that this title has been loaned however; they can still reserve this title for future viewing.

To purchase cases, please contact Reface Industries on (08) 9472 8888 or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

Protection & Identification


A CD is composed of a 1.2 mm plastic substrate. The label/graphic layer, lacquer, and foil data layer lie on top of the disc and total only 5 microns (5/1000mm) in thickness!

As a result, CDs are highly vulnerable to permanent damage. Scratches to the topside of the disc can destroy the data layer.

The data in the DVD is protected by two plastic substrates and so the problem of permanent damage has theoretically been solved. However, as you may have witnessed, DVDs are still vulnerable to damage through centre hub cracking. As the crack extends through the disc, it eventually compromises the data, rendering the disc useless.

Centre hub cracking is most commonly caused by poorly designed cases however increased handling also plays a role.


Reface Solution

Reface Industries can supply products that can reduce the permanent damage to CDs and DVDs

Reface Oz Disc Shields

These disc sized covers work like laminates and prevent almost 90% of top side damage to CDs.

Contact Us now to order.
Reface Disc “Doughnut” Labels – centre hub Labels

These labels are a very useful addition to any library. They;

  • Greatly strengthen the disc, reducing centre hub cracking.
  • Act as a form of identification.

Labels can be provided with the Library’s name, phone number and unique bar coding printed!


To order centre hub labels, please fill in the document below, then either fax or email us a copy. Alternatively contact Reface Industries on (08) 9472 8888 or send us an email via our Contact Us page. We can provide you with drafts prior to printing the roll to ensure your satisfaction with the print.

Doughnut Sticker Order Form

To ensure DVDs play first time, every time, it is important to maintain the play side of the disc.

Reface Solution

Reface Industries can supply you with sprays and cloths that can be used regularly to maintain the play side of the discs.


To purchase spray and cloths, please contact Reface Industries on (08) 9472 8888 or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

There are many different DVD players on the market today. Each differs slightly to the next. Some players have better developed error correction procedures then others whilst others use higher quality lasers. The only real thing you can do to ensure your discs play first time, every time is to keep the disc play side surface free from dirt, grime, dust and scratches.

Reface Industries is the only commercial repair lab in Australia capable of safely and consistently repairing almost any depth of scratch from every disc medium. Currently there are over 120 Western Australian video rentals stores utilising our repair and maintenance service. These include Blockbuster, Civic Video, Video Ezy and Network Video stores.

Key advantages of our service: 

  • Only commercial disc repair lab in Australia
  • Capable of repairing up to 1,500 discs a day
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Consistent high quality finishes
  • Convenient methods of transporting disc to and from Reface

Additional Benefits

Reface Disc Depot – A fancy name for a fantastic concept!

Reface Industries offers you the opportunity to generate new income from a new source. By becoming a ‘Reface Disc Depot’ you can offer the disc repair service to the public and earn a commission for every disc cleaned through your library. Essentially you are offering your borrowers a value added service.

By offering the disc ‘Refacing’ service to your customers you can earn a profit margin of over 100%!