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Disc Repair

Easy disc repair solutions for everyone.

Why bother with our disc repair service?

  • No equipment to buy
  • No machines to maintain
  • No contracts involved
  • No employee training required
  • No more scratched discs!


The next evolution of disc repair is even simpler

  • Blu-Ray repair capabilities

Featuring the most advanced optoclear technology

  • Cheap to run

Cost as little as 20 cents per disc

  • Easy to use

Just close the lid to start the repair


Introducing the next generation of disc repair

  • Blu-Ray repair capabilities

With new advanced optoclear 2.0 technology

  • Cheap to run

Each buff can cost as little as 22 cents

  • Easy to use

Just apply the polish, close the door and press start!


The quickest and easiest way to get to the bottom of some devastating scratches!

  • Fast
    A sand cycle only takes 
    10 seconds!
  • Cheap to run
    Each buff can cost only a few cents!
  • Easy to use
    Just insert the disc, chose the cycle time and close the lid!

The Quicksand is an aggressive pre-sanding machine, and does not leave a disc ready to play. Partner it with the VMI-Hybrid or VMI-2550i to marry deep scrath removal with a perfect mirror finish!

Committed To Your Success

Since 2003, Reface Industries has been providing solutions to a wide range of industries that require disc resurfacing technology.


Based in Perth, Western Australia and servicing the entire Australasian region, Reface has been dedicated to providing the latest technology and the best customer service.


On the Reface Industries website, you’ll find useful resources relating to disc repair, products and services we offer. If you need ever need support, you’ll find our store resources page helpful, but alternatively feel free to head to the contact us page and send us a message.


About Us

Disc Repair

Curious about how disc repair works or which disc repair is right for you?

We can offer a comprehensive solution to suit your needs,  whether it’s a machine or in-house.

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With so many options and solutions we realise it can get confusing.

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Our Customers Think:

Our order arrived this morning. As I only ordered this yesterday it must be the fastest delivery we have ever received! Please congratulate everyone involved in the process for providing such excellent service.
Kathy Matthews

Library Manager, Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes

I am very happy with the speedy, efficient and friendly service that our Library receives from Reface; especially the very quick turnaround and great pricing for printing Doughnut stickers for our new CDs and DVDs.
Julie Fisher

Branch Librarian, Cannington Library

Thanks so much.
Our machine is like brand new! I took a look inside and thought it may have been to the auto detailers!
Darrin & Kellie Bennett

Proprietors, Civic Harvey

Your customer service and assistance is always, always excellent, and a 24 hour turn-around on questions such as these is just perfect. 😊
Stephen Benko-Nehme

Library Technology Specialist, City of Newcastle | City Wide Services