Especially designed for light to medium use at ~50 discs/day.

Designed with libraries and small business in mind, the VMI-2550i is the perfect entry-level disc repair machine. Redesigned in 2014, this small, easy-to-operate machine utilizes the new Advanced OptoClear buffing process to repair all types of discs, including Blu-Ray and 3-inch discs (with adapter, sold separately)

Introducing the VMi 2550i aka “Buffy” – Enhanced buffing technology used for effective repair of Blu-ray and deep scratches.

Buffy utilizes the revolutionary OptoClear buffing technology and incorperates an abrasive polish to enable it to tackle deeper scratches and Blu-ray discs.

Featuring a user friendly interface with a choice of two modes of operation; a 30-second cycle is sufficient for light scratches and a 1-minute cycle for deeper scratches. The VMI-2550i is much quieter than its predecessor (the VMI-3550i), has much more advanced scratch-depth capabilities, a smaller footprint and is just as easy to use, so even the casual staff can operate the unit with confidence!

  • Fast “Regular” 30-second cycle & “Heavy” 1-minute cycle option
  • Very easy to use – 2 simple settings
  • Versatile – Compatible with every disc format. Including Blu-ray/PS3/PS4/PS5
  • Compact – Very high quality build, simple consumable changes.
  • Low cost repairs – From just 22c per minute repair!

Size: 17cm(h) x 28cm(w) x 26cm(d)

Weight: 9.5kg

Daily Disc Output: 50 discs per day

Disc Finish: Excellent – ‘like-new’

Repair Times: 30-seconds & 1-minute options

Capabilities: Repairs all formats, including Blu-ray.