Disc Repair Machines

Fast, effective and affordable.

Disc Repair Made Easy!

There are many choices out there today for disc repair and maintenance, but many ask which is the most effective, easy to use, and affordable. Reface offers a range of products that fit all those criteria and can be used to compliment each other. See which option is right for you.

The VMI-Hybrid V2

Capable of running 300+ discs a day, Blu-ray compatible.

The VMI Hybrid is rated as a commercial duty unit and is recommended for large disc collections. This machine is the easiest of its kind to learn, operate, and maintain. There is no need to manually apply repair solution to a disc, since this machine is completely automated. Discs come out of the machine clean and ready to use.

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The VMI-2550i

The next generation of disc repair.

One of the new machines from Venmill industries, using a combination of buffing  and abrasive technology the VMI 2550 repairs heavy damage in just 2 minutes at a lower price and best of all – it also repairs Blu-ray.

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The VMI-Quicksand

Effective pre-sanding solution to work in conjunction with your disc repair unit.

Designed to speed up the process of disc repair when dealing with heavily scratched discs. Up to 10 times faster than other available sanding units. Recommended as the perfect partner to the VMI Hybrid, to handle your heavily scratched media in a fast and cost effective way.

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