VMI Quicksand

A fast and affordable machine.

The Quicksand uses new Hydro-Optic sanding technology to annihilate heavy scratches in a matter of seconds. This newest sander from VenMill Industries leaves the surface of the disc smooth and ready to be repaired in a disc repair machine. The QuickSand boasts both incredible speed and very low running costs, so now you can repair the heavily scratched discs that you would otherwise discard.

Although the other disc repair machines we offer have a very high succuess rate, the sanding power of the Quicksand gives the other disc repair machines a headstart on removing the toughest, deepest scratches. This abrasive process physically cuts away several microns of the disc surface, leaving the disc smooth and ready to be finished in a disc repair machine. Sanding a disc for just a few seconds significantly shortens the amount of time required for repair in a disc repair machine.

Can I use the QuickSand with any disc repair machine?
Yes, while the QuickSand is designed to pair with the VMI Hybrid from VenMill Industries, it can be used in conjunction with any commercial or industrial disc repair machine. The Quicksand features a second, heavier setting (30 seconds) which works optimally with the VMI Hybrid, but any disc repair unit worth having will have little trouble getting your discs shiny and playable again.

  • Efficient Removes the most resistant scratches in less than a minute
  • Easy to use – Single-stage sand at the push of a button
  • Robust but Quiet – Built for commercial use, operates at 50 dB
  • Fast – As much as 10 times faster repair time than other sanding units
  • Low Cost – Costs only a few cents per sand!

Fully automated
Ultra Quiet
No Technical Training Required
Product Dim: 22w x 20d x 28h (cm)
8.5 kgs
Sands DVDs, CDs and other formats except Blu-ray.