VMI Hybrid

Optoclear 2.0: The evolution in Blu-Ray maintenance. Designed for industrial & commercial applications at ~60 discs/hour.

The VMI Hybrid is the newest disc repair machine from VenMill Industries. This small, easy-to-operate, and fully automated machine is capable of running 300+ discs per day. This unit administers the advanced Hydro Optic Polishing technology. This new process ensures a superior repair on all types of discs*, including Blu-ray.

The VMI Hybrid is rated as a commercial duty unit and is recommended for large disc collections. This machine is the easiest of its kind to learn, operate, and maintain. There is no need to manually apply repair solution to a disc, since this machine is completely automated. Discs come out of the machine clean and ready to use.

  • Efficient Removes even the most resistant scratches in just a minute or two
  • Easy to use – Single-stage repair at the push of a button
  • Robust but Quiet – Built for commercial use, operates at 50 dB
  • Clean – Discs come out ready to return to stock, no wiping required
  • Low Cost – Pay as little as 12c per disc.

Fully automated
Blu-ray Repair
Ultra Quiet
No Technical Training Required
Product Dim: 20w x 25d x 20h (cm)
7 kgs