Disc Repair

Explore the various solutions to get your discs looking brand new.

About Scratches and Repair

scratchedBasically a scratch prevents the laser from reading data stored on a disc. This also holds true for fingerprints or dirt on the play side of a disc, which we call obscurants.

The best way to prevent scratches is to educate (and regularly remind) the people handling the disc, especially kids!  Simple things like to avoid touching the play side of the disc and replacing the disc into a storage case after use.

When wiping obscurants off a disc remember to wipe from the centre to the outer edge, not around the disc in a circle. Circular scratches will generally inhibit the laser more than scratches from the centre to the outer edge and result in worse skipping or stopping playback altogether. For more detailed information on discs and disc repair visit our Disc Education page.

We do understand sometimes scratches ‘magically’ appear, at this stage there are 3 options;

  • Throw the disc out
  • Sell or trade the disc
  • Repair the disc

What option you choose is determined by the value you place on keeping the disc in circulation. Remember “one person’s trash is another’s treasure”and there are always simple ways to help someone less fortunate.

In many instances a rental disc may have paid itself over multiple times… but there may be value in keeping it playing if only to donate to a fundraiser or school.

Commercial Disc Repair

Are you a Video Store or Commercial Enterprise with a large library of discs in constant use? Rather than replacing expensive scratch damaged discs wouldn’t it be better to repair the discs you have back to mint condition? commercial

Reface repairs hundreds of discs every day for a wide range of commercial customers. Using a combination of cutting, polishing and buffing machines coupled with a professionally developed and well honed process Reface boasts a 97% success rate. The best news is, if we can’t fix it – it doesn’t cost you anything!

Corporate clients enjoy special rates based on quantity, the more discs you submit for repair the greater the discount given. Contact us now for more information.

Public Disc Repair

Discs_-_libraryNot a commercial customer but have some discs that need repairing? We can still help.

If you have 5 or more discs and a safe way to get them to us then just Contact us for more information. We will have them back to you within 7 working days.
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