Tablets for shared use

“Hublet takes the

mess and stress

out of loaning

digital devices”





Loaning a tablet is as easy as loaning a book, all without the help of staff. Provide access to digital content to all Library patrons

Social Clubs & RSL's

Providing your members with the best media and gaming facilities

Museums & Science Centres

Expand and enrich your exhibitions digitally


Providing the best systems for your site, training & induction processes

So… What is Hublet?

The Hublet is a complete and ready-to-use self-service solution offering loanable tablets in public libraries and shared spaces.

“Self-Service and Automation at its finest!”

Hublet is an innovative solution for computing needs in shared spaces, helping to bridge the digital-divide and provide access to digital content for all. It is an automated, self-service technology which facilitates the loaning of digital devices securely and safely.

Hublet keeps your tablets organised, charged and up to date. With its cloud-based management tool, Hublet Manager, you can easily control and define tablet contents. User privacy is guaranteed with an automated data wipe after every use.

Privacy Guaranteed

All user-specific data is automatically erased when the Hublet Tablet returns to the docking station.

Always Ready for Use

Devices are cleaned up and ready for use quickly

Cost Effective

The Hublet system handles all the security, updates and general maintenance of the devices – No outside organisation required

Safe & Secure

Locking charge station. Pre-Defined Networks. User Authentication Methods. Accountability.

Hublet Self-Service Solution

Hublet Tablets are released from the Hublet Smart Docking Station via your users library card, QR code or typing in a PIN code generated by the Hublet Manager system. The content available on the tablets is easily organized by library staff, as is the configuration of fully variable profiles and content for children, adults, staff and groups. The cloud-based management software – Hublet Manager –  makes it easy to update and modify the content and messaging according to feedback, requests, scheduled activities, promotions and events.


Your favorite spot in the library

Library visitors can borrow a shared tablet, take it to their favorite spot in the library and peacefully enjoy the content and access provided. When finished, they simply return the tablet to the Hublet Smart Docking Station where, automatically, all user-specific information is deleted and the Hublet Tablet is recharged for the next user. The Hublet Tablets can be locked for use in pre-defined networks, whilst the library card authentication makes sure user access can be carefully controlled. The Hublet Solution is safe for both library visitors and the library itself.


Intelligent Docking Station

The intelligent docking station physically stores & locks the tablets when not in use, removes user data after each loan session, charges the battery, and prepares the tablet for the next loan session in as little as two minutes

Powerful Samsung Tablets

The Samsung tablets use secure cases, a restricted operating system, customizable user interface and modified charging ports, reducing the potential for theft and misuse.

Hublet Manager

The web-based management software – Hublet Manager – is where all the magic happens. This clever system facilitates the intuitive management of tablet data and patron profiles, applications, Wi-Fi networks, user access and restrictions, and reporting among other features. It allows for the management of the entire system from one centralized location, remotely or within the shared space itself.

Using the Hublet is as easy as 1-2-3

1) Scan access card

2) Enter PIN

3) Take a tablet


The Hublet can be used to manage and conduct workshops, courses, out-reach programs, back office functions and access the internet easily for patrons.  The Hublet is the only service combining top of the line security and management in a complete cost effective solution.

The user interface and content available on the devices is customizable, and can be scaled to provide a wide or narrow range of functionality to suit your shared space.

From basic internet browsing, to guided tours for museum exhibitions, the system is a perfect fit when you need portable devices ready to go.


The ability to just go and get a tablet to work with, without needing staff intervention, ensures privacy and ease of access. For people who are vulnerable, homeless, who live in shelters or simply can’t afford to have their own devices, the ability to come in to their library, grab a tablet without having to “ask permission” and find their favourite chair is very empowering. Its more than getting access to the internet and a device – its about belonging.

Tatjana Koczanowski

Scenic Rim Libraries

Alice and the fantastic team at the City of Marion Libraries have created this short promotional video for their patrons! Great work!

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